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A Poetry Collection
by Elyse Hart

Take a peek inside the lives of 29 individuals with this vibrant collection of poems and the Instagram photos that inspired them. Poems for Squares takes you on a journey through life's Instagrammable moments—from the boisterous birthday party to the introspective sunset hike. Elyse Hart's verses celebrate the wonderful rollercoaster that is life. (At least as it appears on Instagram!)

Poems for Squares

Available in 8.5"x8.5" paperback

"For its humor, for the unintended worlds created out of the still lives of Instagramers, for the personas Elyse births – this volume complete with its ekphrastic partners reminds us there is no writers block…open your eyes and look in any direction. There is your inspiration.


Author of God Wrestling and

EIC of Poetry Super Highway 

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Why Did I Write Poems for Squares? 

In 2019, I made a post on Instagram inviting people to ask me to write a poem about them based on their Instagram photos. What followed was a project that ended up taking on a life of its own. I wrote poems for people I knew. Others for people I came to know through their photos.


Each ekphrastic poem in this book is accompanied by four photos from an individual’s Instagram account. These poems capture several moments and make them one.

You will find an air of levity in these verses, although they are not without their sweets moments. These writings are what I imagine the photos to be about and their importance to the individual.

My aim in writing these poems was to delight the people who received them. And now, I hope they will delight you too. 


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