VSL: Food Safety Consulting

I want you to imagine two very different workdays at a food processing plant in Alberta.

Here's the first:

QA Manager Nina is doing her checks when she notices there is a sign-off missing on the cleaning and disinfecting log for a vat. Nina approaches Zach, who is responsible for this task. Zach tells Nina that he sanitized the equipment, but didn't sign off. Nina asks why. Zach claims that Miguel, a new employee, distracted Zach with a question. Which caused him to forget to sign off. Even though Nina believes Zach cleaned the vat, she follows protocol. She quarantines the product and asks Zach to reclean. Zach is upset with Miguel for the distraction that created extra work. Miguel is unhappy that he didn’t make a good impression on his new coworker. The floor supervisor is worried about telling her boss about the quarantined vat. And Nina feels bad about causing tension, even though she’s just doing her job.

Now imagine this workday:

Nina shows up to work and does her checks. Everything seems to be in order. Nina, Zach, Miguel, and the floor supervisor all have a good day.

Which day would you rather be a part of? Probably the second one, right?

But with the ever-changing landscape of food safety standards, how are you managing to stay in compliance while optimizing efficiency?

You most likely have an internal audit in place. But does your internal audit program leave you feeling confident throughout the year?

Here at Navigate Food Safety Solutions, we help food professionals navigate the many challenges of food safety. We provide both online training and onsite coaching that help you implement a comprehensive internal audit and food safety management system. You’ll not only avoid scenarios like Nina and Zach went through, but you’ll always be prepared when the external audit rolls around. No more worrying about nonconformances, corrective actions, or recalls.

We build competencies in your team to achieve the highest standards in food safety. Not only will you save the company money by increasing efficiency. You’ll also see team morale drastically improve.

Our training programs effect real change. (Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say.)

“We have grown into a stronger operation that runs more smoothly.” [-Jennifer Laughlin, Owner, Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet]

“Now that employees understand the system, they speak to their supervisors when they see something….nipping issues in the bud.” [-Arden Kirkpatrick, Food Safety Manager, Compass Minerals]

We have a solution for you, no matter what food safety challenge you are facing. And with the flexibility to learn online or have one of our qualified trainers come to your worksite, there’s no excuse to not give it a try.

If you’re ready to increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and quit worrying about audit time — contact us today. Our knowledgeable representatives can be reached by phone or email to answer all your questions and provide a custom pricing package for you.

Don’t meet standards. Exceed them with Navigate.