Direct Mail Letter: Real Estate

Dear Mr./Ms. [LAST NAME]:

My name is Kenneth Barns, CEO of KMB Property Solutions LLC. I’m writing with interest in your property at [ADDRESS].

One of my agents has brought to my attention that this lot currently sits vacant. As this property is currently costing you in taxes but is not in use, I'd like to know if you are interested in selling?

My company makes all-cash offers on land parcels, no matter the condition of the property. Sales are quick, easy, and at no cost to you.

Based on your county’s data and recent sales data of comparable properties, [$OFFER AMOUNT] is a fair cash value for the quick sale of this property. My company handles all closing costs and duties. Once the sale closes, you will receive the funds within 24-48 hours by cashier check or bank wire.

If you have any questions about the enclosed purchase agreement or other sales details, give my office a call at (805) 507-5888. We are happy to assist.

If you are ready to sell now, please sign the enclosed purchase agreement and return it to my office in the stamped addressed envelope included.

Best regards,

Kenneth Barns

KMB Property Solutions LLC

(805) 507-5888