Cold Sales Email: IT Services

Subject: How to increase productivity with Layered IT Security

Dear {{First name}}, 

Are computer and IT problems bringing down your business’s productivity? Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

● You lose data from a system crash and have to redo work

● Your team sits idly by while the network is down

● You worry your client’s private data is not sufficiently protected

All these issues can cost your company time and money. The good news: These issues are completely preventable.

210 Solution’s Proactive Services combined with a Cloud-Managed Network can greatly reduce you and your team’s lost time and stress. Here’s how we can help:

● Prevent network failures from ever occurring & reduce lost productivity through our Proactive Support Program.

● Automatically backup files as often as every 15 minutes with our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services.

● Provide In-Depth Security Monitoring with a dedicated team that monitors your network 24/7/365, eliminating potential issues and breach attempts.

● Ensure confidentiality and protection of your client’s data through a Layered Security Strategy.

I’d love to set up a 15-minute free assessment to identify areas of vulnerability in your IT program. Simply respond to this email, request a meeting on my Calendly, or give me a call at (678) 960-9194.

Best regards,

Andrew Terrell

CEO & Founder