Awesome Botanical

The Client

UK-based artisanal bath and skin product line. Products ease stress while being gentle on skin. Natural ingredients and essential oils are a focus. Brand voice is fun, bubbly, and feminine. 

The Project

UK has stricter guidelines than US on claims of specific ingredients like vitamins and oils in cosmetics. Highlight the benefits of specific ingredients while wording carefully for compliance. 

Product Description
Kept with the brand voice -- fun and bubby -- while emphasizing the stress-easing qualities of the product. 
Social Ads - Copy & Creative

The campaign followed on the tail end of the first quarantine when things were opening back up in the UK, so the focus was on "looking your best" for this occasion. 

The Feedback

"This is absolutely amazing, I loved working with Elyse, she has crafted an awesome product description for us, I am very happy and will be back to work with her in the future."

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